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1. Memories of the Village of Pangbourne

Growing up in Pangbourne-on-Thames

2. Memories of Working for I.B.M.

From Basic Training through to involvement in the early days of many aspects of computing
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Genealogy - About my Glading line (and other Gladings)

Items here include:

  • Statistics and geographic spread of Gladings

  • the tragic story of My Great Great-Uncle THOMAS GLADING


  • Great Uncles and Aunts Glading


These pages were originally put on the web c. 1968 (almost back to pre-historic days). They are due an update....


Personal page - About myself . . . . .

Gladings - About the family

Technical & Business

The things I've worked on.....
.... a lot of interesting areas in the history of computing
from Early Computing ....
to things that are still blossoming, such as -
Speech Recognition, CTI (Computer Telephone Integration)...

Other Interests

The village of Catisfield, Hants -

Local History - eg Catisfield history -

once upon a time......

eg Fareham Local History Group -

Fareham Abbeyfield Society -

Petanque -

Gardening - eg Catisfield Horticultural Society -



also see..................

Funnies - a few bits of humour . .
(these were collected for a friend who was in hospital for a major operation on his leg -- it was surprisingly hard to find jokes that weren't about the wrong leg being chopped off)

Interesting Links - Interesting Links (to add)

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